SARAH BRIGHTMAN – The phantom of the opera


/Dm  Dm Dbm Cm H B    Dm  Dm Dmb Cm H B   Ab B   B H C C#m Dm/


Dm            Gsus4   Gm  C               Dm

  In sleep he sang to me.   In dreams he came.

                  Gsus4     Gm  C                Dm

  That voice which calls to me    and speaks my name.

            Bmaj7 Gm/B   C            Dm

  And do I dream again?    For now I find

                              Bdim7              Dm

  The phantom of the opera is there – inside my mind.


/Dm   Dm Dbm Cm H B  Ab B Dbdim7 Gm/


Gm          Csus4      Cm  F               Gm

  Sing once again with me    our strange duet;

Gm        Csus4   Cm  F                  Gm

  My power  over you     grows stronger yet.

                Ebmaj7   Cm/Eb  F               Gm

  And though you turn from me      to glance behind,

                              Cdim7  F#dim7              Gm

  The phantom of the opera is there –       inside your mind.


/Gm  Gm F#m Fm E Eb   D D7 Em/


Em              Asus4       Am   D/F#              Em/H

  Those who have seen your face       draw back in fear.

Em         Asus4     Am   D/F#              Em/H

  I am the mask you wear.      It’s me they hear.

           Cmaj7     Am/C   D            Em

  My spirit and your voice    in one combined.

                               Cdim7             Em   C Em C Fm Eb

  The phantom of the opera is there – inside my mind.


Fm             Db        Eb              Fm

  In all your fantasies     you always knew

Fm              Db      Eb               Fm

  That man and mystery     were both in you.

             Dbmaj7 Bm/Db   Eb                  Fm

  And in this laby---rinth     where night is blind

                              Dbdim7               Fm

  The phantom of the opera is there – inside your mind.


/Fm Db Fm Db Fm Db  Gm Eb Gm Eb  Am F Am/



                                                       III – Cdim7

   I                      IV                      IV  - Dbdim7

e|---|---|---|---| Bdim7   e|---|-x-|---|---| F#dim7 e|-x-|---|---|---| Cdim7

H|---|-x-|---|---|         H|-x-|---|---|---|        H|-x-|---|-x-|---| Dbdim7

G|---|---|---|---|         G|---|-x-|---|---|        G|-x-|---|---|---|

D|---|-x-|---|---|         D|-x-|---|---|---|        D|-x-|---|-x-|---|

A|-x-|---|---|---|         X|---|---|---|---|        A|-x-|-x-|---|---|

X|---|---|---|---|         X|---|---|---|---|        E|-x-|---|---|---|


  I  – Bmaj7

 III – Cmaj7

  VI  - Ebmaj7               II                        III

e|-x-|---|---|---| Bmaj7   X|---|---|-x-|---| Bm/Db  e|-x-|---|---|---| Gsus4

H|-x-|---|-x-|---| Cmaj7   H|-x-|---|---|---|        H|-x-|---|---|---|

G|-x-|-x-|---|---| Ebmaj7  G|---|-x-|---|---|        G|-x-|---|-x-|---|

D|-x-|---|-x-|---|         D|---|-x-|---|---|        D|-x-|---|-x-|---|

A|-x-|---|---|---|         A|---|---|-x-|---|        A|-x-|---|-x-|---|

X|---|---|---|---|         X|---|---|---|---|        E|-x-|---|---|---|

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